Patient and Family Partner Program

It takes many voices, experiences and perspectives to reimagine health—and make it better for everyone. Patient and Family Partner Programs unite Spectrum Health patients, families, health care professionals, and leaders to build a better model of care.

What do the Patient and Family Partner Programs do?

The Patient and Family Partner Programs drive change by meeting regularly to talk about their experiences at Spectrum Health and share stories, thoughts and insight. These groups may:
  • Develop creative and cost-effective solutions to problems
  • Help strengthen communication and collaboration between health care providers and patients and families
  • Partner with leaders to improve quality metrics
  • Prioritize goals and strategies that support patients and their families
  • Promote access to information that helps patients and families make health care decisions
  • Promote patient- and family-centered care
  • Provide input on creating welcoming, caring facilities
  • Serve as a link between the community and the hospital
  • Support convenient and meaningful access to care

Our Partner Programs

Each Spectrum Health Patient and Family Partner Program focuses on improving care in specific communities or care specialties. Get to know our groups.

How Patient and Family Partner Programs improve care

Why join a PFAC?

Being a member of a Spectrum Health PFAC allows you to:
  • Give back to your community
  • Improve the patient experience at Spectrum Health
  • Meet others with a passion for advancing care
  • Represent the voices of others in your community

Learn More

To learn more about our Patient and Family Partner Program , contact our Center for Patient Experiences.